Santa Is Not Real; That’s OK

One year ago, when my children were 6 years old, I told then Santa was not real. I told them about a week after Christmas. I’m not going to lie it was hard at first to make the decision to tell them. As a parent it was important to me that they understood that money was an important part of Christmas. Please don’t get me wrong I am a Christian and I believe and understand the “Real” reason for Christmas, but as my kids grow so does the cost of the items on their list. As a single mother who loves this holiday, I want to be able to provide a joyful holiday for my kids and myself. And I don’t want to create a lot of debt to do that.  

With that being said, I was a little nervous to have the conversation with them. I didn’t want this little piece of information to ruin Christmas as they knew it forever. No one told me the truth about Santa I just figured it out as I got older. I did notice that my Christmas was never as nice as some of my cousins or friends. I discussed the No Santa conversation with my mama before I told the boys. She said to do what I thought was best. I decided to tell them.

I didn’t know what to expect from my kids. They tend to be funny and opinionated. And I wasn’t disappointed they had a ton of questions.

Me: “Hey boys I have something important to tell you.”

Boys: What?

Me: (Deep breath) “Santa Clause is not real”

Boys: “What! Well if he not Real where all these toys come from?”

Me: “Me and your family”

Boys: “So y’all LIED to us?”

The conversation went from there. I answered all their questions. I did learn a few things that I will share with you.

Tradition of Christmas has not been lost.

This year they are just as excited about Christmas as they were last year and now, I know the tradition of Christmas has not been lost. We have been talking about Christmas trees, pictures with Santa, and traveling to family. It’s about family not stuff. We had fun planning the family time to come. They still love the holiday and they still want gifts LOL.

Gives you an opportunity to save money

Now that they know the truth, we talk a lot more openly about gifts and the LIST.  I can buy what they want, and not what I think they might want. I have more control over the length of the list which helps me to spend less. In our house we have a 3-gift rule. They can get 3 gifts off their list. I encourage my kids to filter their list down to the things they want the most. Of course, they will receive gifts from other people like fathers, grandparents, and aunts and uncles so there is NO lack.

Remind your kids not to tell other kids

Every family is different, and you want to remind your kids of that. I felt that topic was important to explain to my boys our family was different from their friends. We had a few conversations about why it was important to not tell even other friends or classmates that Santa is not real. I explained that we didn’t want them to start fights or arguments. I didn’t want their classmates to consider them as bullies or liars.

I hope that this post helps you talk to your child about the truth. If you want to hear me talking to my boys about this topic visit this Podkash Kids episode. You will be able to hear for how much they remember from our talk a year ago.

Last Thought

They still want to write Santa letters and I love what the USPS is doing with the letters to Santa. For more on that read this article.