Money Movie Madness

It is 1:37 AM and I am up writing this blog. For some of you reading this that is late, but for other creators like me, that’s our morning. But tonight, is different. After a delicious Sunday dinner, my brother and I decided to go to the movies to see Wrinkle in Time. As usual, we when to the Regal movie theater in OpryMills Malls. We enjoyed a good film and left for home.

But Then

So here I was reviewing the movie I had just watched with my brother. You know how you do on the ride back home after a good movie. About 5 minutes from home I realized that I left my purse at the movies. I told my brother what I did, and I immediately began to panic. First, my brother and I had the “Are You Sure?” conversation, and then we had the “I’m Sure and I Must Turn Around” talk.

The Turn-Around

We were close to my house by that time, so I decided to stop by the house and drop off my brother so that he could make his way back home. By this time, it was late, and I was worried about them closing for the night. I’m so out of my mind with thoughts of the adventure my purse is on. OMG did someone find my purse? Did they steal all my money? Did they just throw it in the trash? Did they find all my private information? My mind was going crazy with worry. My 12-minute drive felt like 12 days. I even took a minute to check for unfamiliar charges and changes in my account balances using my online apps.

I’m Here

I arrived at the mall “Please Let the Door Be Open,” I was so happy it was opened. Problem one solved! Next problem, is the movie theater closed? Did I take too long has everyone left for the night? I wasn’t sure, but I was going to try. Here I was standing looking through the glass doors at what appeared to be an empty theater. That didn’t stop me. Imagine me knocking on this glass door hoping and praying for someone to magically appear, AND HE DID.

It’s Reveal Time

Out of nowhere here, he was. A manager was in the window looking in a desk drawer. I knocked on the window to get his attention. He pushed the button so that he could hear me. I began to tell him about my purse in my nervous voice. He says, “Come In, and we can look in the Lost and Found.” He opens the door, and I walk in. I started to describe my purse, “It’s little with gold moons and stars I say.” I must have had nervousness in my voice because as he hands me my little black purse he said, “Is your hold life in there?” I smiled and began to explain that my license, birth certificate, and social security card was all in that little purse. There were also three debit cards, and some cash in there as well.

The Relief

As I stand there in the little office space with my purse in hand, I take a quick peak in and to my relief everything was still there. I asked the manager if he knows who found it, but he wasn’t sure. He nicely says, “I guess one of the cleaning crew.” Well, THANK YOU cleaning crew. I have my purse back, and my life is in order again.

What I Learned

Lock up my essential documents there was no need for that stuff to still be in my purse
Thank people for kind actions my life could have been affected for months because of that one minute
There are still decent people in the world
Be thankful and stay positive