She Like Learning About Money

Hello, it’s been a minute, but I’m back to blogging. I want to share this recent story that happened. My niece wants to be an actress, and I needed some kids to be in a video I was recording about my business. So of course, I call her dad and next thing I know we’re recording.

Murphy’s Law

So here I am excited to be working on this new project with my niece and my kids. But we had a bit of Murphy’s Law. The first day we recorded it rained which made it hard to hear, so I bought a few mics. The next day everything went well, or so I thought. We record different scenes at different locations. I was so happy, but that night after downloading all the scenes to my computer I realized that the sound from the mics was not working. All these perfect videos with no sound I couldn’t help but laugh. 😊

On the Right Path

Well, the third time was not a charm, but we were on the right path. We found a local restaurant to record the scenes. This was not my ideal location, but it was cutting close to my videographer’s deadline, and the restaurant was open and close. So once again we recorded. I was so unhappy. The kids were antsy, the topics were unorganized, and the noise level at the restaurant was a little high. I got what I could, and we left.

I Didn’t Notice

Let me give you a little more detail about the scenes so you can see what I didn’t at first. The first day I picked up my 7-year-old niece Keeley and in the car, I explain simply that we were going to the bank and that she was going to make a deposit. We arrived at the bank and, as I stood back and recorded, I walk her through the process of making HER FIRST deposit with a teller after using the machine to count all my coins.

Next day I have a new mic, and we go to a different bank to try and re-record it all. However, this bank has the new Human ATM where you talk to a person on the screen. I walked her through the process, and she makes HER SECOND deposit.

Next, we went to the library where she interviewed me about money. I gave her some questions, and she came up with some on her own. My boys who had been learning about money since age 2 joined in the discussion, and we all talked about money for about 25 minutes. I give her words and phrases, and she took it all in and ran with it.

Last was the night at the restaurant where I tried to redo the library interview with less space, less time, no fancy camera
My Niece and the Boys

Last was the night at the restaurant where I tried to redo the library interview with less space, less time, no fancy camera, more noise, and antsy kids. By this point, I was frustrated and ready to quit, but when I got home my mother asked to see my cell phone footage and guess what? It was gold. It was funny, cute and informative.

Ok Now What

I didn’t notice my niece was having a ball learning all this stuff about money. And it showed in the videos. Over the three days, she had learned so much about the money she was proud. On that last night as I dropped her off she asked me when we were going to do another recording I replied I wasn’t sure. But that got me to thinking about the new content I can add to my YouTube channel. I already do simple money vocabulary words on my Instagram page but what if I recorded a few videos on my YouTube. Yes, that was a perfect idea. So of course, I called my favorite little actress to record with me. To see our videos, visit the YouTube channel.

What You Can Do

Take your kid to the bank
Let them make your cash deposits
Have simple money conversations
Teach them vocabulary words