Happy Money New Year

Can you do it differently in the new year?? Yes, you can.

You need to CUT it…

I think the first you sure check your bank account and check for things you’re buying that you don’t mean today. Here is an example from my life. I signed up for one of those food delivery services. You know where they mail you the food and you cook it? Well, I thought it would help me save time and money, but it didn’t, so I canceled it. I also have a few things related to my business that I had to cancel. They are not useful to me anymore so I can save that money and use it in a different place.

Learn Baby Learn

It’s exciting to invite in a new thing. However, you need to understand what it is that you are about to invest in. I want to invite in NFTs, but I want to learn more first. I use Youtube to watch video and google is my friend. I would advise you to study and learn as much as you can before you invest in something new no matter what it is.

Let’s work on it

Do you need to focus on your money more? Do you need to focus on your income more? Yes, you do. If your income is not covering your expenses you need to either increase your income or decrease your expenses. If you do both then that puts you in a better position. First, write your numbers down. Know your numbers. Know where your money is going. Maybe you need a second job to increase your income.

Share your piece

Talk to your spouse or partner about money. Your household needs to have a financial goal. Share your information with your spouse and have them share theirs with you. Write out a family money plan for the year. There should be income goals, big purchase goals, retirement goals, credit score goals, and vacation goals, college fund goals. It’s great if you add your kids as a part of the family goal process.

It’s Just the beginning

Don’t be overwhelmed it is just the beginning but you have time. Do a little a day and you will keep moving forward. Money is a journey. The more you learn the more you do. Money is a doing game. Once you learn something new you need to make changes to your habits. I hope this article helped you learn a little more. You don’t have to do it all but do some of it. Do what will help you most and the fastest.