Money Advice From Mother to Daughter (Part 1)

Back in May, I posted a request for guest bloggers and in June Elkinsette Clinton submitted her story. It was so informative and touching. Her story sparked the theme for July. This month’s theme is “From Mother to Daughter.” With the help of social media, I asked one simple question to thousands of moms. “What one money tip would you give your daughters?”  I couldn’t believe the number of women who answered this question. Some answers were short, and some were long. For the next four weeks, I will be sharing with you advice from mothers to their daughters.

This quote by Lila Holley sums up the next four weeks nicely.

“I’ve told her EVERYTHING takes money, so in everything, you do always have a plan to monetize. You can have fun and live out your dreams and passion and still make money. It’s a resource needed to do more, help more, and to live. It is in abundance; there is no shortage of money. Learn the system of how money works – how to earn it (charge your worth), manage it (live within your means), invest and save it (make it grow & work for you), and give back (sow into causes/movements you’re passionate about.).”

Most of the advice fell within one or two of seven categories. I will be revealing all the categories and a lot of the advice over the next four weeks. Let’s begin with the first two categories today tithes and earning.

Tithes and Giving

  • Tithes and give back! Don’t be hesitant to give money away when you know it will help others and your church.
  • Give tithes and invest early.
  • Pay your tithes and give your first fruit offering.

Earn It

“Stay in school and get an education. It’s a proven fact that college graduates earn far more over their working lifetime than high school grads.” – Gina Longo
  • Make your own money.
  • Have your own! He may be well off, but that is his money.
  • Start a business for unlimited income potential
  • Make your own. And… a spouse is NOT a financial plan.
  • Always have cash in your wallet when you go out on a date.
  • Always have YOUR OWN INCOME, and don’t put your name on bills you can’t afford solo.
  • Be responsible, aware and pro-active with your own finances in a relationship or out of it.

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9 thoughts on “Money Advice From Mother to Daughter (Part 1)

  1. These are such great tips. We’ve just started talking to our kids about the importance of money. I’ll keep this post in mind next time the topic comes up!

  2. Fabulous Rae! Great ideas and sound advice! I will be sure to check in for the next installment.👏👏

  3. Your post is short and yet so insightful. Love your tips. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I agree that we all have to be financially self sufficient. At the end of the day if you rely on someone else and they are no longer there for whatever reason you will be in a bad place.

    Enjoy the journey!

    1. Wow, thank you. Simple and to the point is what I look. Stay tuned for the rest of the story.

  5. Love these tips! We are teaching our children about tithing as well. My mom always taught me to not depend on anyone else for my finances. I think this is so important!

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