Dead End Jobs have a Place

Oh, crap did I just do it again? Did I just get another job… Ok, people so a moment of truth… for the past five years I have had a list of countless dead-end jobs, but not because of what you think. With my past working experience, it would be easy to get a “good” career job, but they take so long to hire you with drug screenings and background test. I don’t have time for all that…

I need money now, and I’m an entrepreneur. Well, I own my own business. I am not as successful in business as I want to be. Well not yet anyway. Every year is a little better than the last, but I have kids, and all this damn debt to get rid of. Jobs have always been a comfort blanket that helps me to cope. This year was supposed to be my year. You know; that year where all your dreams come true. The year is not over yet, but mannnn did I just start the cycle again with a job??

To be honest, I have been comfortable this year my debt is down to about $39760, and I wasn’t stressing. But then the shit hit the fan and one of my screams of income dried up. Are you kidding me? Lord you know I’m on my 40 by 40 journey. I am supposed to be blogging this beautiful walk on a rose petal covered road of me getting out of my last $40000 in debt. But instead it’s only my first month, and my brother borrows money then the next day I lose a stream of income.

Okay, people, I’m sorry the vent is over so what have I learned.

Dave Ramsey is Full of It

Yes, I know Dave’s baby steps have changed a lot of peoples lives. They give people a road map to follow, but there is one thing I don’t agree with. When you are changing your life and getting out of debt $1000 is not enough of an emergency fund. I understand $1000 is a nice bite size number that even people living check to check can save, but it’s NOT ENOUGH. Maybe $3000 is a better goal. I paid one bill, and that $1000 was like bye-bye 😉

Know that as soon as you make a declaration to change your life, ALL hell is going to break out. An I financial savvy, YES, but I’m not perfect. The sad part is last month I spend a ton of money on a family vacation for four that included theme parks and cruises. And this month I’m having to get a part-time job. But for every mistake comes a learning lesson.

Glad I Didn’t Use Credit

Last month when I was vacationing we had a ton of unexpected financial situations. I lost my car keys at the airport. I didn’t notice they were gone until the day I needed them.

That was a $230 expense. Our hotel shuttle didn’t take us to our pickup location, so we had to pay $56 plus the tip to an Uber. I didn’t pay the gratuity fee for my cruise until the day I arrived, but I thought I had paid it already. That was another $110 mistake.

There were a few more expenses as well. I know for some this is no big deal, but they were all unexpected expenses on a family vacation. I am a single mother on a budget I don’t have money and time for $600 of uncalculated spending. But at least it’s not all on a credit card somewhere waiting to get paid. That would have been I terrible mistake considering what happened to my finances this month.

What is 40 by 40

Well, I mentioned it a little in the first paragraph, but I will be 40 years old in 2020. As a birthday gift to myself, I have started a journey to be debt free by that 40th birthday. I only have $40000 in debt left to pay off. If you don’t know I started with $400,000. So, $40,000 should be easy. Or so I thought but now I am not sure.

Better Luck Next Time

Stay positive. I need to go to sleep because it’s the middle of the night and I start my new job in the morning. I know next month will be better. Well after I get my emergency fund refunded with a little extra. I have added a few more things to my financial plan to stay on track with my 40 by 40.

Well for one this new job will help me to pay off the debt. I fixed the problem with that other scream of income, and it will be returning next month. I know with the last two months I have had that something great is coming. I can’t wait to share it with you when it does. Good night until that next story comes along.

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