Teaching Kid Money in a Pandemic

Normally, I would not write about things that are going on in society. Because they do not correlate with teaching your kids about money. However, I felt like Covid 19 was different. There is a lot of financial lessons that can be taught to your kids from the Coronavirus.

And with everybody practicing social distancing and being at home, for the most part, this is the time to teach those lessons. If nothing else the coronavirus is making people be patient and focusing more on their family. Here are a few money tips that you can teach your kids from Covid 19.


 Stockpiling for most families is not a term that we use on a day-to-day. For some family’s it is a part of life. If you’re an extreme-couponer than stockpiling is not only a part of your day-to-day life, but it also can become a side hustle. A side hustle where you sell some of the items that you purchase. I use the word purchase lightly. But right now, in the face of the Corona virus pandemic stockpiling has become a word connected to fear and preparation for the unknown.

As responsible parents, we are stockpiling so that our families can have what they need in a crisis where we do not know the end date. The lesson here for kids is that stockpiling is buying more of something then you usually would. So that you don’t have to keep going to the store to replace it. Couponing is another topic you can talk about when speaking on stockpiling.

 Work from home  

For most kids, they don’t get to see their parents work from home. They know that usually when they leave for school their parents leave for work. Or they know that when they get home from school their parents are getting ready to go to work. But they didn’t realize that working from home was an option. A good conversation here that you can have with kids is that there are some jobs we’re working from home is just a norm. So, you can teach your kids that work-from-home industry.

You may want to also explain that for other industries working from home is not the norm. This might not always be an option for you, and that you may have to return to your regular work schedule once this pandemic has cleared. This side of the conversation is important because kids today are very intuitive. They may not understand why you can work from home right now, but you can’t work from home later.


 Wherever money’s involved so should your budget be involved? There’s a lot of different budget lessons with what’s going on right now. One is showing your kid budgets are adjustable. Another lesson is showing your kids where your saving or where your emergency fund is on your budget. Another lesson is showing your kids how unexpected events can affect the budget. An example is if you are stockpiling this month, but you normally don’t stockpile that might affect your budget.

 Emergency Fund/Savings

 The Corona virus classifies as an emergency and everyone’s household. This emergency is affecting people on so many financial levels. People can’t go to work. People are having to buy more than usual, and the stock market is crashing. All of these events are good arguments for why everyone should have an emergency fund. Use this time to talk to your kids about the importance of having an emergency fund.


Now is the time to be giving. Allow your kids to watch you be compassionate and give to other people. While we are practicing social distancing there are still elderly out there who cannot leave their homes. And they need people like you and me to share what we have with them. They need meals, cleaning supplies, and personal products. Your family can also always give online to programs that are helping people to deal with Covid. Here are a few my family have personally given to.

Save The Children

Crisis Assistance Ministry

 Health insurance

 As a coronavirus pandemic continues health insurance has become one of the topics that people are talking about. Many people are starting to pass away due to waiting until it’s to late to go to the doctor because they have a lack of health insurance. Co-payments may be another good topic to add to the insurance conversation.

 Stock market

 Explaining to your kids about the stock market can be pretty simple. just explain to them that a stock is how they can own a piece of a business. And the stock market is the place where you can go online to buy the stock. A recession is also a topic you can talk about when teaching about the stock market.

 Income inequality

I know that income inequality can be a heavy topic to talk about with your kids. That is why teaching it under the umbrella of coronavirus is so important. A simple example is that some people still must work even though there is a pandemic. They can’t afford to take the time off and self-quarantine like the rest of the country.

 Government assistants

 The government is trying many different types of programs to help keep people afloat in this time of crisis. This is a good time to explain to your kids about different programs like stimulus checks, unemployment, mortgage, and rent freezing, food stamps, and government health insurance policies.

There are a lot of different programs so I would just teach a few as examples to get your kids to understand how the government tries to help people in times of need. I would also teach them that sometimes there are problems with implementing the programs, and so it’s always good to try to be prepared in your private household.

I know everyone is out there doing their part and trying to social distance while we’re dealing with covid-19. I hope that this post helped you in some way to use this pandemic as a teaching opportunity for your household. I want to thank all the essential workers out there putting their lives at risk every day to keep the rest of us safe. And I pray that we all come out of this pandemic safe and healthy.