Family Asking You for Money

Of course, you would know it. It’s October and the first month I start my new journey to becoming debt free. The plan was to finish paying off my last $40,000 in debt before my 40th birthday on July 28, 2020. Surely if I got rid of $350,000 in debt in 4 years, I could […]

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Money Advice From Mother to Daughter (Part 1)

Back in May, I posted a request for guest bloggers and in June Elkinsette Clinton submitted her story. It was so informative and touching. Her story sparked the theme for July. This month’s theme is “From Mother to Daughter.” With the help of social media, I asked one simple question to thousands of moms. “What […]

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25 Tips to Teach Your Child Money (Part 2: Tips 13- 25)

13. Have a Home Store For parents on a budget, you can always be creative and create the home store. Have your children earn paper money that you create. They can use that money to buy snacks or services. Services like one no chores day or one no cleaning my room pass. It can create […]

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