5 Tips for Saving Money while Back to School Shopping

Wow, I’m so excited it back to school season. As a child, I hated back to school season, but as a parent, I cheer for the first day. No, seriously I do. My little monsters have taken over the house and my work place. Hint, Hint I’m an entrepreneur working from home. Don’t get me wrong I love them and their crazy but sometimes I need a break or just some quiet time for business calls. ¬†Ok now that I’m done venting let’s talk about 5 tips for saving money while back to school shopping.

Compare prices

Although a lot of stores will have their back to school sales in the coming weeks, all prices are not created equal. In just a few minutes you can use your children supplies list to compare prices and see which store would best fit your shopping needs. Don’t always assume that the big box store sales will have the best prices. Take a little time to make sure.

Use tax-free weekend

For some states, this wouldn’t be helpful. But for most states, we don’t have the opportunity to enjoy the tax-free weekend but once or twice a year. With the combination of discounted prices and no tax, you save some money.


Using coupons on top of cuts price can make an item free. If you are part of a reward program with an office supply store you may have emails with dollar amount off your total purchase. Check company websites for digital coupons. I’m not one for paper coupons because I always forget to bring them with me. But with digital coupons, you just download them to a cell phone number or a loyalty card, and you’re ready to go.

Consignment shops

It’s not all about the supplies you will need clothes and shoes too. I find that going to consignment shops in “Nice” neighborhood is like going on treasure hunts. You never know what you’re going to find. Sometimes you can even find clothes that still have a price tag on it. So, before you pay full price for clothing and uniforms check your local consignment shop.

Check your community

A little of churches and community centers are doing backpack giveaways. I know that most of your churches are not going to provide everything on your supply list but when you’re a budget every little bit helps. As a bonus, there is usually fun things like face painting and free food the day of the event. You get some supplies and some family time. Perfect.