About Us

Raeshal Solomon is a young single mom, enthusiastic about combining her love of creating with her love of money management. Raeshal believes she has a knack for helping people understand the skills of money management. She is eager to share her knowledge with parents so they can teach their young children these easy to learn skills. She says “I am excited to change a whole generation through financial literacy.”


In the past three years, Raeshal has expanded her business and knowledge. She has spoken on stages and created a blog site raeshalsolomon.com where she and guest bloggers write a weekly post about family and finance. Raeshal is no longer just an author she is also a speaker. She visits elementary schools where she read her books and answer questions about money and the writing process. Raeshal also speaks to parents on topics like “How to teach your child about money,” and “How to move forward from your past to create a financial legacy?” She is quoted in the press and interviewed on several podcast and online platforms.

In the Beginning

Several years ago Raeshal got started on her financial journey by doing what young adults do; she destroyed her credit. As a long-time student of financial management, Raeshal had to learn the hard way that money doesn’t grow on trees. It took some time, but after hard work at her first career job, she repaired her credit and bought her first home. It was not too long after this that the economy went south and once again she fell on hard times. Raeshal lost her job and now had great credit, and a home, but no income. She realized she had to re-learn the ABC’s of finance. She invested her time, reading books on financial management, speaking to financial advisors, and stock brokers discussing the ins and outs of moving capital. Raeshal was a full-time student in real life financial management, and she realized she loved it!

With all this knowledge one would think old habits would have changed, but not so. It took the birth of her son Nathan and the adoption of her nephew Brenden to modify the way Raeshal handled her money. It occurred to her that if her behavior didn’t change, her boys would begin to pick up her bad habits. She knew then it was time to change. She enrolled in the financial workshops at her church. Soon began to mirror her behavior with the knowledge she acquired over many years.

Why Raeshal Writes

While reading to Nathan and Brenden about shapes, colors, and numbers she realized there were no books about money for them. It was then she decided to put her knowledge into words for kids. She has written over 20 books for young children, and self-published the MY LITTLE BANKER series. Some of the books available for purchase is called “Shop, Shop, Shop,” “Tim’s Red Rudy,” and “Gale’s Day of Giving.” These fun books help parents build upon their parenting skills with sound money management tips for their children. Lessons include spending, giving, saving and managing money.

Raeshal and young sons Nathan and Brenden like to explore nature, paint, dance, watch movies, and of course read stories.